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The Indiana Master Naturalist Program is an educational/volunteer program developed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Purdue Extension to provide citizens with hands-on opportunities to learn about our Hoosier natural features and resources. The purpose of the program is to:

  • Bring together natural resource specialists with adult learners to foster an understanding of Indiana‚Äôs plants, water, soils, and wildlife, and promote volunteer service in local communities.

  • Provide an educational opportunity for course participants (18 years and older) to establish a short or long-term partnership with an agency or local organization involved in natural resource management by volunteering as a part of the course.

In Allen County, Indiana, this program is sponsored by Fox Island Alliance and is held in the winter months each year.

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There is also a Junior Master Naturalist course held during the summer for students ages 9-12.

Other programs

Many more programs at Fox Island and Metea Park are listed on the Allen County Parks site.