Current Species Count: (Click on the links to see the species lists. Scroll down for additional notes.)

Group Species Count Downloads
Mammals 25
Birds 217 Birds (PDF printable file)
Birds (Excel Format)
Reptiles 13
Amphibians 13
Fish 9
Insects 28
Plants Plants_Schutt (Excel Format)
Trees 56
Shrubs and Vines 43
Wildflowers 281
Grasses 20
Sedges 22
Ferns and Horsetails 20
Moss and Lichens
Grasses 22

These species lists were compiled from records of Bob Weber, Tim McNitt, Helen Starcs, the Departments of Natural Resources (Lee Casebere), and Phillip Orpurt.

After each entry on every list are the initials of the first two (or three) persons who recorded the species. Helen Starcs entries also have the date. As additional confirmation and discoveries are made, they will be entered with initials and dates when updates are made.

Bloom dates are given by number of month: e.g., May -- July is shown as 567. In most cases, the range, taken from field guides is too long. If possible, we will review, so the dates will more accurately reflect bloom at Fox Island.

The naturalist will have the master copy at the Nature Center. Please lists additions with the scientific name. Please also identify yourself and give the location of your find.

The lists of plants that are named “_schutt” have been observed at Fox Island by by John Schutt, Ph.D. He is also the webmaster of this site. (You may contact him at the webmaster e-mail address.) The species names follow the current nomenclature of the USDA Plants Database. They were identified using Voss' Michigan Flora. Follow the links for more information.


Robert C. Weber has a degree in forestry from Purdue University and a Masters Degree in botany from the University of Michigan. He taught botany and biology at South Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was a naturalist for the National Forest Service, Indiana State Parks, and the YMCA. He did the first species listing for Fox Island in 1974.
Tim McNitt - Tim majored in biology at Indiana - Purdue University. He explored and researched Fox Island plant and animal life for ten years.
Helene Starcs is a specialist in grasses and sedges and she investigates and reports to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. She was at Fox Island in 1985 and in 1987, and her lists made a valuable contribution to our compilation.
The Department of Natural Resources keeps a list in its Indianapolis office of the species found on its preserves. Starcs' entries were taken from that list. As species are confirmed, the “nr”s will disappear, since they could be duplications of “bw” or “tm.”
Lee Casebere of the DNR directly helped with animal identification and his initials appear on the reptile list.
Phillip A. Orpurt, Ph.D. is emeritus professor of biology at Manchester College and has a special interest in the fungi of the State of Indiana.
Ron Zartman was appointed naturalist of Fox Island in November of 1985 by the Allen County Park Board. He is now the Fox Island Park and Education Manager. He has a B.S. degree in Parks and Recreation from Indiana University. He has provided valuable confirmations and additions to the lists.
Larry Bieberich is a devoted naturalist. His listings of northeastern Indiana species and his identifications at Fox Island are very helpful.

No initials, but…

  • Dr. James A. Haw of the Stockbridge Audubon Society prepared the Birds of Fox Island publication. It is a very detailed and scientific report.
  • Judy Esterline has spent countless hours exploring Fox Island, taking school groups and Girl Scouts on the trails, and providing instruction. She has tracked down elusive species, both plant and animal.
  • Pat Bolman was resident naturalist at Fox Island for over ten years. He hiked and investigated with everyone of our list makers. He made countless discoveries, and, more importantly, shared with all of us his love and enthusiasm for the wonder of plant and animal life.

Compiler: Audrey Oliphant, March 1988.